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Shadow Essence Ritual & Body Oil

Shadow Essence Ritual and Body oil is a force  for shadow work. The scent is powerfully calm with aquatic notes that remind us of ocean properties and cool sea-water, exotic fruits and wood notes. This oil is encouraged to be used as a ritual oil for Shadow work but can also be used as a body oil for its rich aroma. We recommend separating the two if you choose to use for both intentions. When using as ritual oil practice divination and place on your inner wrist, heart, and third eye.

Shadow work is painful, uncomfortable and an embarrassing shock to the system, but the rewards of going into your darkest self hold a treasure more precious to your life than you can even imagine.

Through shadow work you can find wholeness and freedom, discover deeper love and compassion for yourself and others, and make peace with yourself and all those around you.

Through shadow work you can put an end the constant battle with self and find powerful, transformative healing.

Your capacity for being truly alive increases and your inner and outer worlds are dramatically changed.


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