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El Canto De Madre Tierra- Healing with the Elements and Four Directions


El Canto De Madre Tierra- Healing with the Elements and Four Directions

An intro class for Brujas/es/os who want to reconnect and walk the path of your Indigenous roots. Using the powerful healing journey of The Four Elements and Directions this course will guide you for the length of a year as we spend each season discovering, building, and expanding your relationship to each element and direction.

So how does this show up in your life as a human being?

The four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the foundational energies that form the Universe, both physical and non-physical. The tradition of connecting with each of the cardinal directions by invoking elemental energies is ancient and found throughout the world. Each direction holds particular qualities and frequencies of life as an expression of the elemental frequencies with which it’s associated.

This practice of orienting yourself to the physical world through the directions helps you to orient yourself to your place in the world. It’s a form of grounding into the space around you. We can bring ourselves back to balance by using the four elements as reflections of the different aspects of ourselves. Just as one of the elements is not more or less important than any other, no one part of ourselves is more or less important.

By keeping the four elements in our awareness on a daily basis, we set into motion our internal healing which allows us to access the immense internal energy that is vital for change.

How often do we meet- twice a month How- Virtually using Zoom What will we do- The first class of each month is your moment to receive sacred wisdom, and guidance on building your rituals and practice based off of the lesson.

The second class of each month is your moment to receive intuitive guidance on your personal experiences, what may be rising and support if any challenges are surfacing on a mental and emotional level. ( We are starting from the BODY and move into the EMOTIONAL BODY during our second season- this takes courage and the allowance to receive support from your mentor in order to move into the MENTAL WAVES and finally arriving to SOUL.

I look forward to holding space for you to master your craft, and joining us as vessels for Mother Earth.


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