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Calendula-Goat Milk Aura Cleansing Soap Bar

Calendula-Goat Milk Aura Cleansing Soap Bar



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1 review for Calendula-Goat Milk Aura Cleansing Soap Bar

  1. Andrea (verified owner)

    Here it goes! Before I started using big breath wellness products I would come home tired, headaches and sometimes I even felt my body was in pain. This along with other body soaps was one of the first I purchased. I purchased this because I felt my gut telling me this is what I needed. I kid you not the same night I went to bed without my daily headache. Ever since I’ve used their products I’ve felt different in a good way. No more headaches! I honestly think they went away because soap cleansed my aura. I’ve never cleansed my aura but, I do it now and I feel better. I trust them and their products.

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