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Body & Face Relaxing Jasmine Soap-  Mini Jasmine perfume oil included 

Body & Face Relaxing Jasmine Soap-

Mini Jasmine perfume oil included


The word Jasmine means “Gift from God”.
What better gift is there than the gift of relaxation?
Jasmine has long been used as a form of aromatherapy to treat
depression, stress, and to calm nerves.
The exquisite soap deeply relaxes your skin,
soothes nerves, and boosts confidence.

Decreases depression while elevating feelings of happiness and contentment.
Reduces appearance of scars.
It is good for skin, keeping it smooth and free from cracks.- great for all skin types
It calms down the body, mind and soul. Bring forth constructive and positive feelings. .

These bars are smaller than our regular bars-intentionally made for unique periods where stress is increasing.


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