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Wellness through physical,

emotional, mental and spiritual growth

Big Breath Wellness

Reveal Your Magic,
This Is Your Moment!

A Magical Box For the Mystical Warrior in You

Big Breath Wellness introduces the Nirvana Experince, a monthly  personalized ritual experience that includes a monthly intutive reading.

Experience peace and wellbeing! Our intimately designed ritual helps in overcoming stagnancy and electrifies your spiritual practice.
A safe haven for your soul’s revival!

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Every month between the 10th-15th you’ll receive your Nirvana Experience box complete with full set of personal care and ritual items and your personal monthly reading.


• A golden sealed envelope with your reading •
• Ritual Perfume Oil •
• Body and Skin Products  
• Bounty Bag Filled With Herbs Harvested in our Sacred Garden
• A Candle Infused With Crystals  & Ritual Powders

You Will Also Get a Surprise Personalized Ritual Gift Based on Your Reading.

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Our Clairvoyant Reading is a communication to you as a Spiritual being about where you are on your unique path in life. Through each reading, we empower your ability to heal yourself and use your gifts to make an impact. Readings are performed using your name to create a connection and get an insight on your life.

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By integrating the Big Breath Wellness Nirvana Experience to your day-to-day practice you’ll grow and learn to manifest your goals and dreams.We curate one of a kind items made for YOU, and will send everything you need, adding flair to your monthly ritual.

Tierney Venus

Tierney Venus

Meet Big Breath Wellness Clairvoyants

Tierney and Yadira are a team of experienced practitioners who specialize in Goddess Work and Trauma Healing through a diverse choice of practices. They embrace wisdom from all backgrounds and celebrate unity through unique ritual work.

Yadira Roman

Yadira Roman

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